Route 1 – Lake Geneva to Caen

Morges (Switzerland) to Ouistreham Riva-Bella. About 800km. September 2007.

The first of our rides came about when a friend of mine had the idea of riding his bicycle back from his Swiss holiday home, instead of putting it on the back of the car, and wanted company. His wife, calculating that she would get bored waiting for him to catch up, preferred to drive home.

Once we got over the Jura and I retrieved my underwear from BA, we enjoyed the ride, which took us through Burgundy and along a quiet stretch of the Loire on our way to Normandy’s D-Day beaches and the Caen ferry. Highlights were a wine tasting pause half way up the Côte de Nuits near Beaune, dinner at Marc Meneau’s restaurant L’Espérance in Vézelay; and Guédelon, a medieval castle in the making between Burgundy and the Loire.








Swiss trains:



…’nor were we the slowest on the road….’. Near the Doubs/Jura border




Lost in France. Unmatching socks save decision making agony in the morning. The black sock goes on the left foot, obviously
Hautes Cotes de Nuits and new-season moux chez Marcillet at Fussey


Vezelay was the mid-point of the line we drew across France
Guedelon. These pictures were taken in Sept 2007. The fort must be quite a bit taller by now. This horse was brilliant at reversing in to a parking space



Guedelon wellness centre; treadmill. The horse has forgotten to reverse



Gien. Sock issue sorted





Coupesarte, Normandy