Prize quiz

Inspired by the tour operator Le Ski’s ingenious self-promotional database-enhancing infographic prize quiz, I am moved to offer an Alpine/blog related quiz to celebrate the start of the 2014/15 winter season, whenever that may be.  Desperate times  … etc

Answers on an email, please, or via the contact box lurking somewhere not very obvious on this page. Correct answers may not win prizes, but answers that coincide with those I have in mind may.

1. What non-event did not launch Swiss winter sports?

2. When and where did this not happen?

3. Whose brilliant idea wasn’t it?

4. What hotel was not open at the time?

5. What is not the altitude of Courchevel 1850?

6. How did the von Trapp family not escape from Austria?

7. How many kilometres of piste does the Trois Vallées region not have?

8. How many days a year is it not possible to ski at Tignes?

9. Which guide book did not unveil the truth about ski resorts not telling the truth about the amount of skiing they have?

10. What do ski hosts working for UK tour operators in French ski resorts not do?

11. What do the Canadian ski resorts Sunshine and Sun Peaks not have in common?

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